Marshall Miller Business Scholarship

Marshall and Lyria Miller established this scholarship to help Business students in need with the cost of tuition.

The intent was to have available monies, for tuition, that can help Business Majors, needing an extra boost, to stay in and finish college. The Miller’swere fortunate to have the means to help their two children through college and wanted to continue to help others that needed “that little extra.” Their satisfaction is receiving those “thank you” notes from the students and to hear when they graduate.

It is important to the Miller’sto regularly support and give to “your community” whether it is in time (voluntarism) or money or both. They would hope that recipients of this scholarship support their “community” similarly.

Marshall recently read a quote that went something like this. “A” students work for “B” students in businesses owned by “C” and “D” students. The Miller’spurposely do not require top grades to qualify for this scholarship but they would like, when necessary, to assist those who intend to graduate from the School of Business and who express good common sense and determination. These two qualities, they believe, are more important than high grades. From personal experience, Marshall was asked on two different occasions to take time off to think if college was really best for him. WCU was one of those schools. It took Marshall over five years to graduate. In the real business life, that “common sense and persistence” helped him become a bank president who was able to retire at age 55 after 31 years in banking.

Declared business or accounting major Be a full-time student with a GPA of 2.25 or higher Must demonstrate financial need Graduate of a Colorado high school