Matthew Billmeyer Memorial Scholarship

The Billmeyer family has established the Matthew Billmeyer Scholarship, honoring the wishes of the late Matthew Billmeyer. The scholarship is awarded to full-time students with preference given to those majoring in Business, Accounting or Economics.

Matt graduated from Western with a BA in 1979. He was a member of the Mohab Foundation whose goal was to promote and expand the enjoyment of the unique elements offered by WCU and the Gunnison Valley. Matt’s friends from the Mohab Foundation recalled that Matt lived life with a special gusto. Few of them can remember when he did not have a smile on his face. As is the common thread between all Mohabs, his family and his friends were the most important to Matt. His participation in life is hall of fame. Matt did enjoy life until his death in 1997.

Matt gave instructions that part of his personal estate should be contributed to the Mohab Foundation where it remained for two years and then was separated into its current scholarship form in 1999.

Be a full-time student at WCU
Maintain academic eligibility with a GPA of 2.0 or
Preference given to students majoring in business,
accounting, or economics