James Bus Cox Admin Scholarship

Scholarship Eligibility:
A. Be a full-time student
B. Be Business Administration Major.
C. Be recommended by one or more of the WSC Business Division Faculty.
D. Have attained Junior or Senior classification.
E. Preference will be given to members of Delta Sigma Pi.
F. Preference will be given to NY State residents.
G. Preference will be given to Community College graduates.
H. Preference will be given to the average student with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.5.

James Cox established this scholarship to assist selected Western Colorado University students majoring in Business Administration with the payment of tuition and living expense.

Cox earned his BA in 1966 and his MA in 1968 at Western. It was important for Jim to establish this scholarship because he would not have become the person he did without the people of WCU. It was meaningful to him because he enjoyed seeing and meeting the person the scholarship gives assistance to. He passed away on November 15, 2010.

Almost all scholarships are based on academics and/or need. Jim was an average student and wanted average students to be able to get a scholarship. He hoped this would start a trend.

Having retired from teaching at a community college in New York, he learned that community was our middle name and your need to give back to the community. He hoped that in creating this scholarship he was doing exactly that, giving back to the community.

His message of encouragement for you as a recipient is:

Have fun while at WCU. It is a great institution with some very dedicated people. Pick their brains whenever possible and keep in contact with them and WCU.