Brennecke Elkins Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Eligibility:
A. The applicant must be a Junior status or higher at the end of the term in which he/she applies
B. Must plan to teach either at the elementary or secondary level.
C. Must be fully admitted to the School of Education
D. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in Education, the major (if secondary) and overall
E. Must have demonstrated personal character which would predict success as a teacher
F. Applicant’s financial need will be considered by the selection committee

The Magdalene Brennecke Elkins Memorial Scholarship has been established in 1984 by family and friends of Magdalene Elkins who was a 1920 graduate and lifelong friend of Western State College. The scholarship is to assist the selected student with payment of. tuition charges while a full-time student at Western.

Magdalene was born in 1901 to Martha and Friedrick. Friedrick was a minister and came to the U.S. as a young adult and served the Evangelical Luthern churches of German descent. Their family, which consisted of eight children, 5 girls and 3 boys, served many pastorates all over the west. They were extraordinarily poor, financially, but rich in love, family and the work of the ministry. All five females pursued an education degree. Magdalene taught all over the west, again the itinerant pattern she had experienced as a child. She taught almost every subject from elementary through high school students.

Magdalene passed away in 1984 and according to one of her daughters, to establish this scholarship was Magdalene’sfondest dream in her later days with us. Because she grew up in such humble surroundings, she knew well what it means to have financial assistance in achieving one’sgoals. As the Lord blessed her, she was most generous with others less fortunate. One of her final admonitions to her children before slipping into her final non-responsive stage was “dont forget your philanthropy”. This was something she taught her family well.

The contact for this scholarship is Magdalene’sdaughter, Marilyn Wilgocki. Marilyn says it is always rewarding to receive a note of appreciation from the recipients of this scholarship.