The F.S. Haverly Academic Scholarship

The F. S. Haverly Academic Scholarship has been established by Frederick S. Haverly, emeritus professor of business, to provide scholarship assistance to the students of Western Colorado University.
Frederick S. Haverly, emeritus professor of business, and his wife, Leta established this scholarship, for students majoring in Business, Accounting or Economics.

Fred spent 20+ good years in Gunnison teaching at Western Colorado University and felt the need to return something to the college. During his undergraduate college years, scholarships and working throughout the year made it possible for him to attend college. He therefore knew the importance of financial assistance and is happy to help one or more students who need such assistance.

A. full time students at Western Colorado University
B. declared Business, Accounting or economics major
C. have completed, or will complete 60 credit hours at WSC by the semester end in which the scholarship is awarded
D. maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better
E. have financial need