Charles Tutor Education Scholarship

The Charles Tutor Endowed Scholarship for Education has been established by Bryan Tutor and Paula Mann to provide scholarship assistance to Western Colorado University students in the Education department who aspire to be teachers. Charles Tutor has spent most of his adult life working with students in their preparation to becoming teachers and educators. He believes, “To teach is to truly work in God’s workshop.” To this end, this scholarship is available to those who wish to pursue a career in education and pass their knowledge on to students to help them fulfill their dreams and become productive members of society.

Charles considers himself a late bloomer, taking seventeen years to obtain his Associate of Arts degree. While struggling with a difficult course, the instructor, a woman from Jamaica, recognized his struggles and asked him to stay after class, which he did. In their meeting, many of his problems were discussed, which ended with her saying to him, “Take my hand and we will get through this course together.” She became his inspiration, leading him to a love of learning and desire to continue with higher education. From there, he pursued his dream of working with students of all ages. Every teacher should follow this instructor’s example of helping all students.

At some point in a teacher’s career there may be some special service opportunities for serving humankind. These experiences may include, studies abroad, exchange teaching with a teacher from another country, work as a Peace Corps Volunteer, or a chance to work with other organizations, including nonprofit or for-profit organizations. Since Charles believes “If you want to fight evil ,Go out and do good!” he is hopeful that the recipient considers being involved in these opportunities.

The recipient will be part of a wonderful and satisfying profession that molds students so that they have the skills and knowledge to find the answer to any problem they may encounter. Teaching is a profession that truly requires a “Service about Self” perspective. Charles hopes the scholarship recipient will follow this premise as a teacher.