Corbett Family Opportunity Scholarship in Business

The Corbett Family Opportunity Scholarship in Business has been established by Tom and Carolyn Corbett to provide scholarship assistance to promising students from economically challenged backgrounds to Western Colorado University’s School of Business. The Donors with to assist future “difference-makers” for whom economic limitations may otherwise prevent them from obtaining a degree and reaching their full potential.

Be a Colorado Resident, undergraduate, full time, degree- seeking student majoring in a field of study with Western’s School of Business
Must have significant financial need that may otherwise prevent them from pursuing higher education
Incoming freshmen must have a high school GPA of at least 3.5 (non-weighted) and have demonstrated motivation, ambition and leadership potential
Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher while at Western
Recipients who maintain eligibility may continue to receive the Corbett Scholarship until graduation
The Corbett Scholarship shall cover the full cost of attendance for the recipient(s), including tuition (in-State), fees, room (students must live on- campus to receive this benefit), board (through a campus meal plan) and books.
To maximize impact, the Corbett Scholarship shall be a “last-dollar-in” scholarship, meaning that before a distribution from The Corbett Scholarship, all institutional (Western), State and Federal (non-loan) Aid for which the recipient(s) qualifies shall be applied first. The remainder of their costs of attendance shall be provided by the Corbett Scholarship.