A.W. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship commemorates the service to Western Colorado University of Aubrey W. Lawrence. He was a member of the Chemistry Faculty beginning in 1953 and served as Chairman of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics from 1962 until 1976.

The day before Aubrey died of a heart attack, he had found a note that had been pushed under his office door. The note expressed appreciation of several members of his class for the quality of his instruction, noting especially their very positive response to one of his last lectures. The note was signed “A Happy Student.”

This scholarship is more than simply a gift to provide financial aid. It is a message of encouragement that donors believe in you, your gifts and talents and your bright future. This scholarship is an investment in you and the dividends will be all that you become. You are more than a scholarship recipient, you are part of a legacy in making the world a better place. We hope that one day you will be in a position to enjoy helping students and create your own legacy!

Students majoring in Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

Natural and Environmental Sciences