Ashley Memorial Cheerleading Scholarship

The Ashley Memorial Cheerleading Scholarship has been established by Stacy Fuller to provide scholarship
assistance to Western Colorado University student athletes. This scholarship is intended to provide financial
assistance for cheerleaders with a minority status in hopes to provide them the opportunity to cheer at the
collegiate level. Recipients will have shown stewardship in representing and educating on diversity, equity,
and inclusion initiatives in their communities. Recipients are actively participating in community outreach in
the Gunnison Valley to help with their future careers in areas of work like counseling or social work.
Stacy established the Ashley Memorial Cheerleading Scholarship in memory of her best friend, Ashley, who
committed suicide in 2019. The two go all the way back to middle school and cheered together at the University of
Alabama. Ashley was a woman of color, who loved cheer, and had a rare presence. Stacy described her dear friend,
“she was all about helping people understand, she was patient and tolerant”. Growing up, Ashley was fortunate to
have a supportive family, attended a private school, and was on the cheer team, a lifestyle and opportunity not many
young African American girls have. Most of the time, Ashley was the only minority among her peers, an experience
that shaped her tact and willingness to bridge the gap for diversity and inclusion in her communities. Stacy
remembers Ashley as always patient and understanding while helping educate and broaden others on diversity,
equity and inclusion topics.


A. Must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0
B. Shall be a member of the Cheerleading team
C. Preference to students who have interest in joining the Mountain Air Diversity & Inclusion Alliance
and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion groups
D. Have an interest in becoming someone in service, counselling, social work etc.
E. Award selection to be based on a mix of athletic ability and financial need

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe your experience/ interest in participating with the Mountain Air Diversity & Inclusion Alliance and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion groups on campus or in the community.
  2. Are you pursuing a career in service, counselling or social work?
  3. Request a Letter of Recommendation from a Head or Assistant Coach:
  4. Are you a member of the athletics Cheer team for the upcoming year?