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Welcome to the Western Colorado University Scholarship Opportunities Homepage.

Below you will find a listing of scholarships available to students with brief information about the scholarship qualifications. To apply to scholarships which require an application, you must first sign in with the same user name and password you use to access the campus login portal. You will then have the opportunity to complete a general application and, if applicable, apply for specific scholarships.

Although certain scholarships are designed to promote diversity, applicants will be considered without preference to race, sex, color, or national origin.

You can apply for scholarships after being admitted to Western and creating your MyWestern account. Please note you do not need to commit to Western before applying for scholarships.

You must create your MyWestern account and student email address before you can apply for institutional scholarships:
- You will need your six digit student ID. You can find your ID in your application portal, the acceptance letter you received in the mail, or you can contact Admissions at 970.943.2119 or admissions@western.edu.
- Visit western.edu/activate. Use “stu######” (stu and your student ID) to create your account.
- Look for the email from admissions@western.edu sent to the address you used for your admissions application with instructions on what to do next. Be sure to check your spam/promotions folder if you don’t receive this email in your inbox.

Reference Requests
Your applications may require a reference request. You will be asked to provide your reference’s name and email. A request will be sent to the provided email to prompt them to complete their reference. We encourage you to personally reach out to your reference prior to sending them the request to inform them to watch for an email from scholarships@western.edu with the instructions to submit their reference.
To view the status of your reference requests, sign in and click the “References” tab at the top of the page.

You can save and return to your applications; however, your applications will not be considered unless you submit them. Once an application is submitted, you can go back in to view and update your application any time before the deadline. The General Application is due April 1st, 2023, however other application deadlines may vary, make sure to check the deadlines!

If new opportunities open that you are recommended for you, you will receive an email notification from scholarships@western.edu via your Western email address.
You may also receive via email:
• reminders to complete drafted applications that are closing soon
• when a reference request has been completed
• confirmation when an application has been submitted
• when you have received an award offer
• when a scholarship award has been posted to your student account
• when you need to complete a post-acceptance request in order to receive your award
• when you need to fill out a renewal application for a continuing scholarship

Having trouble or have questions? Contact scholarships@western.edu

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$3,500.00 Jeane D. Fair Scholarship
The Fair Scholarship in Modern Languages has been established by Dr....
$4,000.00 Nancy Menan Foundation Scholars
The Western Colorado University Foundation, a nonprofit corporation...
$1,000.00 Elizabeth Cobbins Environmental Justice Scholarship
The Elizabeth Cobbins Environmental Justice Scholarship, established in...
$1,100.00 Mahaffey ENVS Scholarship
One award may be made each year to a full-time Environment &...
$100.00 Maria Ritzel Agazio Scholarship
The M. Agazio Ritzel Scholarship has been established by a 2019 ENVS...
$500.00 Mike Martin Memorial Scholarship
The Michael Matin Memorial Scholarship has been established by the...
Varies School of ENVS Inclusivity Scholarship
One or two awards may be made to ENVS majors from historically...
$0.00 Mountaineer STEM Scholarship
The Mountaineer STEM Scholarship has been established by Elaine and...
Varies Borick Business Scholar Days Scholarship
$350.00 Alva Sloan Memorial Internship
Alva W. Sloan served in the field of accounting for thirty-six years as...
Varies Borick Business Scholarship
Scholarship Eligibility: Be a full-time freshmen or sophomore at...
Varies Corbett Family Opportunity Scholarship in Business
The Corbett Family Opportunity Scholarship in Business has been...
$350.00 D.H. and Mildred Cummins Scholarship
This scholarship is provided by D.H. Cummins, Ph.D., Professor of...
$450.00 Delta Sigma Pi Alumni Scholarship
Scholarship Eligibility - Be a full-time student at WCU - Be enrolled in...
Varies Denver Cherry Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Eligibility: - Be a full-time student at WCU - Declared...
Varies Donald Eastman Business Scholarship
Scholarship Eligibility: Be a full-time student at WCU Declared...
Varies Dustin Roberts Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of former Western Colorado...
Varies Elva Lea Wise Business Scholarship
Dr. Elva Lea Wise, Western Colorado University Emeritus Professor of...
Varies Frank Pribyl Memorial Scholarship
The Frank J. Pribyl Memorial Scholarship has been established by James...
Varies Gunnison Savings & Loan Scholarship
Scholarship Eligibility: - Have a 3.0 GPA or higher - Declared business,...
$1,000.00 Harold E. Binford Business Scholarship
Scholarship Eligibility: A. be a declared business or accounting...
Varies J. Ralph Reed Business Scholarship
Scholarship Eligibility: Be a full-time freshman or sophomore at...
Varies James Bus Cox Admin Scholarship
Scholarship Eligibility: A. Be a full-time student B. Be Business...
Varies Kathleen Kregel Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Kathleen Kregel and her husband,...
Varies Marshall Miller Business Scholarship
Marshall and Lyria Miller established this scholarship to help Business...
Varies Matthew Billmeyer Memorial Scholarship
The Billmeyer family has established the Matthew Billmeyer Scholarship,...
$575.00 Mikesell Scholarship in Accounting
Varies Outdoor Industry MBA Scholarship
Varies Patti Burritt Locke Future CPA's Program Scholarship
Pattie Burritt Locke established this scholarship to assist full-time...
Varies Phil and Joann Klingsmith Scholarship
This scholarship has been established by Phil, a local attorney and...
$2,500.00 Pre-Health Scholarship
The eligibility requirements for the Pre-Health Scholarship are as...
$300.00 Ralph Porter Business Administration Scholarship
Ralph Porter (55) was involved in Western and the Gunnison community for...
Varies Robert and Gloria Little Business Scholarship
The Robert and Gloria Little Business Scholarship Endowment has been...
Varies Roger E. Wilson Memorial Scholarship
The Roger E. Wilson Memorial Business Scholarship has been established...
Varies Scott & Monica Newman Accounting Scholarship
Dr. Scott and Dr. Monica Newman, Emeritus Professors of Accounting, were...
$400.00 Stephen Depp Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Eligibility: - Non-traditional students enrolled as a...
Varies The F.S. Haverly Academic Scholarship
The F. S. Haverly Academic Scholarship has been established by Frederick...
Varies The Vern Whiting Business, Accounting and Economics Memorial Scholarship
The Vern Whiting Business, Accounting and Economics Memorial Scholarship...
Varies Willard "Skip" Hunter Memorial Scholarship
The Willard "Skip" Hunter Memorial Scholarship has been established by...
$1,000.00 Wright Family Athletes Mean Business Scholarship
Applicants for the Scholarship: A. Must be an athlete participating in...
$100.00 A.W. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship commemorates the service to Western Colorado University...
Varies AAUW Zelda Rouillard Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is provided by Gunnison Branch of AAUW. Nontraditional...
$5,000.00 Adair Scholarship
This scholarship is provided by Joan Adair Colorado Resident From a...
$1,000.00 Al Caniff Art Scholarship
The Al Caniff Art Scholarship has been established by Al Caniff,...
Varies Alumni Association Future Alumni Scholarship
The Alumni Scholarship has been established by Western Colorado...
Varies Art Scholarship
The Art Scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the Art Department...
Varies August Grosland Art Alumni Scholarship
The August J. Grosland Art/Alumni Scholarship was originally established...
Varies Bartleson/Prather Geology Scholarship
The Bartleson/ Prather Geology Scholarship is established to provide...
Varies Beta-Gern Communication & Theatre Scholarship
The Beta Engineering/Jess Gern Scholarship was established in 1974 by...
Varies Beware the Air Scholarship
The Beware the Air Scholarship has been established by an anonymous...